Broken Leg Pictures

Operating Room Report

Side view X-ray from Emergency Room. (01-31-04) Closeup of shattered fibula and broken tibia
Closeup of 2nd fibula break near knee Day 5 in the hospital. 2 days after surgery. (02-04-04)
Closeup of external fixator 2 weeks after surgery w/ hardware installed.
The only thing that will stay is the plate on the
fibula and 11 screws. The other stuff in the X-ray
are parts of the external fixator. (02-18-04)
2 weeks after surgery about to remove stitches  
4 weeks after surgery: less swelling and skin
is starting to heal. (03-17-04)
My 8 inch surgery scar fully healed 2 month X-ray of fibula. Lots of bone growth
Side view of fibula Side view of tibia. Good view of fixator rods
Closeup of tibia healing. Go go fibrocartilage! Removed frame of fixator and preparing to
remove tention wires and rods. (03-30-04)
This is gonna hurt coming out... Tool used to remove the rods and wires. My great
grandfather probably used one of these
Removed rod from foot. Ya, that hurt Hey, there's a bone in there. I spent the next couple
of days trying not to bleed to death from these holes
I get to keep all the parts to the external fixator Coated titanium rods that were in the foot and tib
This is my leg's new home for a while.
It weighs approximately 427 pounds, or so it feels
9 weeks after surgery. Holes are closing up.
The foot and ankle is still noticeably swolen and
the left leg muscles are fairly atrophied
Looks really swolen from this angle 10 week X-ray. Pretty blurry but you get the idea.
It's looking really good and is about half-way
healed. (04-13-04)
3 months post op back on the dirt. I can't even
walk yet. Don't show this to my doctor!
Here I am 4 months post op. Starting to look more
normal with muscle growth and holes scarred up.
Lower leg/ankle is still larger than normal, but
I might as well get used to that for a while
Can barely see the surgical scar anymore with my
gorilla hair in the way
6 month X-ray. My surgeon is happy with it
and thinks I made a great recovery considering
how bad the break was. (07-20-04)
This will be the last update for a while. I will be
going back for another surgery to remove the
hardware this winter. I'll be sure to take more
Removal of Hardware / final surgery (12-04-04):  
10 months post op. Removed hardware and scoped
ankle. Everything looked good. Here is the scar
and stitches left behind.
Top view. Two stitches on either side of ankle are
points of entry for arthroscope. Scar on shin is from
pin removal of external fixator earlier this year.
Plate and screws removed from fibula. Final X-Ray 12-14-04. Lots of bone that will take
years to clean itself up.
The End ...or is it?


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